Vol. 2 No. 1 (2021): International Law Theme

Tema Hukum Internasional Januari 2021

Happy World Day of Peace - January 1, 2021. This edition is our first edition using the OJS by PKP platform. In fact, this edition has been published according to schedule, namely January 1, 2021, on our Homepage. However, because we need to arrange, develop and explore OJS features, we will only fix it to upload this 2021 edition right at the end of January 2021. Why did we choose to publish the theme of International Law on World Day of Peace? Because according to its name which is celebrated worldwide, the relevant law is the law that is embraced globally, namely International Law. Many thanks to the authors, reviewer (Amanda Eugenia Soeliongan, SH, MH), distribution Partners, Rewang Rencang Legal Clinic as our auspices, and all supported and facilitated parties and have not forgotten God Almighty. Happy New Year 2021!

Published: 2021-01-31